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"Hello, I am writing to tell you that your product Alline procap has a miracle effect. I have been in a very stressful period in addition to my anxiety due to my agoraphobia; I was losing my hair so much... And since I've been taking Alline procap, my hair doesn't fall out anymore and I even have my hair growing back. I'm so happy to see my hair in good shape again, to not see it fall out anymore... All this to say thank you, thank you a thousand times!"

48 years

"I have been suffering from androgenic alopecia for more than 15 years, almost no hair on my temporal lobes. I am half way through the box and already a difference is beginning to be seen, my hair is stronger, looks thicker and is shiny. I have used more than 10 treatments from the competitors, some not bad but nothing really good. With Alline procap, I am confident. It is different. So thank you again!"

36 years

"More sceptical than me... I think it doesn't exist. My pharmacist advised me to take Alline procap because I was desperate... I'm on a very heavy treatment for my health condition and she knows it, so she told me to take Alline procap for at least a month, two capsules a day. I would not take another treatment for anything in the world, it is beyond my expectations. My hair iw growing so fast! Sincerely thank you!"

25 years

"After giving birth, I started to lose my hair little by little. After several months I looked for a solution and my doctor recommended Alline procap. It works great!"

28 years

"I was skeptical so I tried 1 box of 180 procap Alline capsules... Wow, I'm thrilled. I have very thin hair that doesn't grow fast... I now have more volume... I'm going to pick up a full box as soon as mine is finished!"

32 years

"I was losing my hair over the years and didn't know what to do... I tried Alline proMEN for my hair loss. It has slowed down, I am very happy. I'm going to take another 3 month box for the beginning of next year."

45 years