For beautiful skin and strong, shiny hair, you should load up on vitaminsmineralshyaluronic acid and Ceramosides®

Our beauty essential? Keratin, one of the most important natural proteins in our skin, nails and hair.  

Based on natural keratin, our Alline range helps you improve your hair1 and skin2

Alline procap, Alline proMEN and Alline proderm are manufactured in Belgium by Trenker Pharmaceutical Laboratories in accordance with the strictest quality standards (HACCP, Hazard Analysis – Critical Control Point) applicable to dietary supplements. 

The aim? To bring exceptionally high-quality dietary supplements to the market.


A must for
beautiful hair

Hair growth1
Volume and shine

A comprehensive formulation with CynaPLUS® natural keratin, vitamins B, C, E, beta carotene, copper, iron and zinc.

Hair loss prevention for women3

A solution for long-lasting hair

A formula developed especially for women with CynaPLUS® natural keratin, vitamins B, C, E, maidenhair extract, horsetail, copper, iron and zinc.

Hair loss prevention for men3

A solution for long-lasting hair

A formula developed especially for men with Keramax® natural keratin, vitamins B, C, E, B-carotene, extract of capillus veneris, iron and zinc.

Your beauty hack for glowing skin

Beautiful, bright skin2
Radiant complexion

A unique formula combining natural CynaPLUS® keratin with hyaluronic acid, an exclusive ceramoside complex and vitamin C.

The key strengths of the Alline range

About us

An innovative, widely recognised leader in the hair growth sector in Belgium, we manufacturs high quality dietary supplements, medicines, and medical devices for the whole family, from the youngest to the oldest.

We have been devoting our pharmaceutical expertise to developing innovative and effective products since 1933. The Alline product range reflects this philosophy and consists of high quality dietary supplements for people who want beautiful hair and skin. 

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1 Zinc contributes to the proper synthesis of proteins (such as keratin) and helps keep hair healthy.
2 Vitamin C contributes to:
• normal collagen formation to support skin’s normal functions.
• protecting cells from oxidative stress. Environmental pollution and sun exposure are the main causes of this oxidative stress.
Capillus veneris helps to slow down hair loss.
4 Alline procap : Beer C. et al., 2014. A Clinical Trial to Investigate the Effect of CynaPlus® on Hair and Nails Parameters. The Scientific World Journal, Volume 2014.
Alline proderm : Placebo-controlled randomized trial aimed at evaluating the effet of CynaPlus® supplementation on skin, University of Pavia (2012).
Alline promen : Nobile V, Dossena M. Double blind, randomized, placebo-controlled assessment of the efficacy of a food supplement in reducing hair loss in male subjects  [Manuscript submitted]. Journal of Cosmetology & Trichology. 2021.