Hair brushing: the right way to do it

For shiny, healthy hair, you should brush your hair every day and at least twice a day. However, you shouldn’t brush for longer than 2 minutes to avoid damaging the outer and middle layers of the hair – the cuticle and cortex. You should also avoid brushing your hair when it’s wet as water makes it more likely to break.

Why should you brush your hair?

The result? Stronger, healthier hair.


Our top brushing tips

Straight hair

  • Start with the tips, then the lengths and finally the roots
  • Brush your hair regularly to prevent tangles
  • Choose a bristle brush to boost your hair’s volume
  • When it comes to your comb: the finer your hair, the closer the teeth of your comb should be

  • Wavy, curly, coily hair?

  • Run your wet fingers through your hair to untangle it.
  • Brush your hair before you wash it or after it has dried
  • Choose a boar bristle brush: it won't damage your hair
  • When it comes to your comb: choose a wide toothed comb to avoid damaging the fibre of your hair

  • Don’t forget to clean your brush at least once a month with water and a little detergent. Why? To remove your hair and any other residue that could affect the appearance of your hair.

    In addition to this daily routine, haircare solutions like Alline procap1 can help you look after your hair1 to keep it strong and healthy.

    1Zinc contributes to the proper synthesis of proteins (such as keratin) and helps keep hair healthy.