Why is my hair dull ?

Shine is one of the most important and sought after features of our hair. From a scientific point of view, shine is determined by the way in which the hair reflects and diffuses light. So, anything that alters the way light is reflected would therefore influence shine.

The reason our hair loses its shine is because of damage to the cuticle. The cuticle? The protective part of the hair that surrounds the cortex.  For glossy hair, the scales of the hair cuticle must be closed. Find out more about the structure of your hair in our article “What is hair made of?”.

The sebaceous glands secrete an oily substance called sebum, which keeps the cuticle smooth and improves the shine of the capillary fibre by reflecting light. Excessive sebum production is the reason behind greasy hair. Vitamin A, vitamin C and zinc regulate sebum production and help keep your hair shiny1

What affects how shiny my hair is ?

There are several reasons why your hair may be less shiny :

How can I get shiny hair ?

There are a few tricks that can help your hair look its best and rediscover its healthy shine :

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