Competition rules - Hair Pack

  • Article 1 : Competition organiser

The competition (hereinafter: “Hair Pack”) is organised by Trenker (hereinafter “the Organiser”), whose registered office is located at Avenue Thomas Edison 32 – 1402 Thines (Nivelles) – Belgium; ECB number BE0423.960.076

  • Article 2 : Taking part in the Competition


Taking part in the Competition is free.


Taking part in the Competition is exclusively reserved for:

  • any natural person over 18 years of age, domiciled in Belgium and meeting the conditions for taking part set out in Article 4 of these rules;
  • any legal entity, which has its registered office in Belgium and meets the conditions for taking part provided for in Article 4 of these rules.


Taking part in the Competition is not permitted for:

  • members of the Organiser’s personnel;
  • persons (natural or legal) who have a direct or indirect legal relationship with the Organiser or any other company related to the Organiser;
  • persons who have a direct “family” relationship with the above persons (parents, children, grandparents, etc.).


Only one entry per person or legal entity is allowed. Any participant who, by any means whatsoever (emails, identities, etc.), attempts to enter the Competition more than once will be disqualified.

  • Article 3 : Duration of the competition

The Competition runs from 1 July 2022 to 31 July 2022.

So you cannot take part in the Competition after 11:59 p.m. on 31 July 2022.

  • Article 4 : Conditions for taking part in the competition

To take part in the Competition, the following conditions must be met:

  • Like the Alline procap Instagram page;
  • Like the Instagram post;
  • Identify 3 friends in the comments;
  • Provide correct contact information (email, last name, first name, phone number). If applicable, for legal entities: VAT number, name, etc.

  • Article 5 : Decision on the winner(s) of the Competition


The winner(s) will be the person(s):

  • Who has met all the conditions for taking part in Article 4 of these rules.


The decision on the winners will be made under the supervision of: Sarah Defosset and Justine Bounif


The decision on the 5 winners will be made on 1 August 2022.

The winners will be notified personally through private message on Instagram, using the contact information they submitted when they entered.

The information will be available by 1 August at the latest.

The winners must claim their prize, through private message on Instagram by 10 August 2022. After this period, the winners will lose the right to their prize, which will be reallocated to the participant who, on the basis of the order of winners provided for in Article 5.1, comes after the forfeited winner.

In order to meet its legal obligations, the Organiser must always be given the name, first name and address of the winners before any prize is awarded. If this does not happen, the prize cannot be awarded to them and the organiser reserves the right potentially to designate another winner.

The Organiser agrees to award the winners their prizes by 31 August 2022.


No correspondence or communication will be entered into to inform the losers that they did not win the Competition.

  • Article 6 : Prizes


The following prizes will be awarded in the Competition: 5 gift boxes containing:1 box of the nutritional supplement Alline procap, 180 capsules worth 99.99 euros, 1 pink hairband with the Alline procap logo, 1 Alline procap pen, 1 Alline procap mirror and 1 hairbrush with the Alline procap logo

The prizes, listed above, are awarded in the order of the winners as determined in Article 5 of these rules.


A participant can only win one prize. Limited to one winner per family.

  • Article 7 : Liability

The Organiser cannot be held liable if, in the event of force majeure or any other exceptional event beyond its control, the Competition or the terms and conditions of the Competition should be partially or totally stopped, postponed or modified.

  • Article 8 : Information


These rules can be obtained from justine.bounif@trenker.beon request.


Any inquiries regarding the “Hair Pack” Competition can be directed to the Organiser through private message on the Instagram page: @alline_procap

The Organiser will be free to determine whether or not to respond to the request for information. No blame will be attached to, or rights derived from, the failure of the Organiser to respond to a request for information.

  • Article 9 : Processing of personal data

The processing of personal data necessary for the running of the Competition will be carried out by the Organiser in accordance with the GDPR and the applicable Belgian legislation.

The Organiser uses the personal data collected in the context of the Competition (email, name, first name, telephone number, postal address), solely for the proper conduct of the Competition (contact with the winners, awarding of prizes). The information relating to the candidates will be collected for the sole purpose of conducting the competition. Only the person in charge and the personnel under his authority will have access to this information. The information of the participants (excluding the winners) will be destroyed within one month after the prize is awarded to the winner. For the winners, the Organiser will delete the personal data at the latest 7 years after the awarding of the prize, in order to comply with its legal obligations.

By participating in the Competition, the participant expressly agrees to the processing of personal data for the purposes described in this Article.

  • Article 10 : Acceptance of the Competition rules

Taking part in the Competition implies full and complete acceptance of these rules.

  • Article 11 : Applicable law and legal venue

The Competition is governed by Belgian law and any dispute in connection with the Competition will be submitted exclusively to the courts of the district of Nivelles,  which have exclusive jurisdiction .

The language of any proceedings will be French and Dutch.

  • Article 12 : Other

The invalidity of any of the articles of these rules will not affect the validity of the remaining articles of the rules, which will remain in full force and effect.